A Marketing Lesson From Fifa 15

A Marketing Lesson From Fifa 15


Today, I have a marketing lesson to share with you

Recently (26th September to be exact) I was up early and in my local supermarket for 7am.


Because Fifa 15 for Xbox and Playstation had been released at midnight. I’d promised my nephew I’d buy him a copy for his Xbox.

Little did I realise he’d insist that I get there really early to make sure I got one before they were all sold out.

When I arrived, and walked into the games section it was like rush hour! Kids and parents alike, queueing to buy.

Not being a gamer myself, (not cool enough I’m told!) my thoughts turned immediately to ask…

WHAT IS IT about this game (or similar ones) that creates such a rabid queue of buyers, hungry to hand over £42 with smiles so wide they could eat a banana sideways?
I love that expression. I can’t claim it as my own. Credit goes to Zig Ziglar for that one.

Oh yes, back to the question I was telling you about…

WHAT is it that creates such excitement and action to buy, even BEFORE it was officially released for sale?

When you think about it, the same can be said for films not yet released. You know, when you’re sitting in the cinema, watching the adverts and trailers before the feature film starts…they screen clips of up and coming films and we’re excitedly talking of going to see them BEFORE they’re even available.

Compare that to the reality of what’s happening in your business – your pub, your restaurant or your cafe.

Is it a similar experience with your customers or a completely opposite story?

So, “WHAT IS IT that creates those kind of customers?”

Most people think that question is like asking for the holy grail, but it’s in fact NOT. It’s much simpler than that, but is equally as unknown to those who need to know most – Business Owners and Managers. In other words US!

What I know is this – Extraordinary products and services invariably incorporate emotional intelligence which plays a part in triggering the part of our brain that makes us feel excited and happy.

These heightened feelings of excitement and happiness come from “Positive expectancy” (expecting something to be good before it happens) or from a real “positive experience” (previous good experience)

Go here to watch the Fifa 15 promotional video. It’s only 2:03 minutes long.They even refer to emotional intelligence in the video.

See what you can learn from the way they communicate to their “target market” customers and then share a comment with me below with your thoughts or ideas for what you can take and incorporate into YOUR business to create a rabid queue of customers through your door.

I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas below.

Best wishes,



“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter Drucker