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Who is Food Profits Membership?

We’re a Unique Training Company dedicated to the Catering & Hospitality industry and specifically for the Owners and Managers of Pubs, Restaurants, Cafe’s, Fast-Food Takeaways, Event Caterers & Hotels.

What do we do?

We advisecoach, mentor and train Owners and Managers to enable them to quickly and effectively fix their 7 problems and boost their bottom line profits.

FoodProfitsMembership‘ is our flagship online training program. It provides the critical knowledge and know-how with unique psychological insights (NOT to be found anywhere else) for Owners and Managers. It includes ongoing support.


Training modules are designed with simplicity in mind using a step-by-step process to fix “problem areas” quickly.  Accessed via the internet, using your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone you will learn from video tutorials that are supported by workbooks, guides and audio mp3’s. Interviews and webinars with industry leaders and thought leaders are also included.

We have a dedicated support team to answer questions and provide both help and encouragement. Members also enjoy the many benefits that come from being part of an exclusive private online group and a community of like-minded Owners and Managers.

Founded by

Myself…Marcus Kilvington in 2006 – to teach Owners and Managers what I’ve learnt first hand from working in the Catering & Hospitality industry with the most successful Owners and Managers.

I’ve been in the food industry for 23 years. It began when I worked for Knorr, Hellmanns, Twinings and Tetley. I looked after chefs in hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, delis and coffee shops. I love the food industry and enjoy nothing more than seeing the widest smile on the face of an Owner or Manager when they finally fix that problem or achieve that higher level of success and profitability for what is often the first time in a very long time.

I’ve also looked after all the major contract caterers here in the UK, along with leisure and travel, pub and hotel groups and quick service restaurant chains too.

My passion is for making a massive difference to the “Customer Eating Out Experience” so Food Profits Membership is equally as much about the customer as it is about you the food retailer. We go even further than that as you’ll find out if you become a member because it’s about everyone benefiting…You, your Customers and your Employees.

One of my favourite quotes is “My Success Helps Many People, my failure helps no-one”

Our Vision

To inspire and instruct Owners and Managers how to become the most successful operators in the industry and achieve those ambitions and dreams that we all have when we first start out.

We foster the belief that most Pub, Restaurant, Cafe, Fast-Food Takeaway/QSR, Event Caterer & Hotel Owners and Managers fail to realise their dreams and ambitions simply because of a lack of good business and marketing information and intelligence. Food Profits Membership recognises that by offering our unique advice, coaching, mentoring and training, along with ongoing support, Owners and Managers can quickly get the knowledge, know-how and answers to ensure more certain levels of success, profitability and achieve their ambitions and dreams.

WHY we do what we do

In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people to see SOLUTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES where others see Problems and Difficulties. When we show belief in the ability of others and support them with encouragement…EVERYTHING becomes POSSIBLE!

HOW we do it

The way we inspire people is by making our training products and programs:

  • QUICK to learn (L)
  • SIMPLE to Understand (U)
  • EASY to Implement (I)

WHAT do You Gain?

MORE – Profit, Time & Enjoyment 🙂
✗ LESS – Anxiety, Worry & Stress 🙁


marketing with little or no budget

WHO cares?

When we last checked: 24/7/14

79 Countries – According to Google data, that’s where people visit us from to consume our information via the internet

1107 Subscribers – That’s the number of people who have requested to receive our weekly video tips

4120 Visitors – That’s the average number of people per month who visit us online

If you’re one of them, THANK YOU for making it all worthwhile and if you’re NOT…why not?


The Greatest Danger to ANY business lie’s in…WHAT you DON’T KNOW can HURT YOU!

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“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills” ~Jim Rohn


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