Are you working on the right things?

Are you working on the right things?


Having worked with several business owners and managers over recent weeks, I felt it a very pertinent question to talk about this week in the hope that I can share some insight and advice on what appears to be a very common problem amongst pubs, restaurants, cafe’s and fast food takeaways and which is a key factor to them not achieving what they set out to achieve.

SUCCESS (personal or business) is something that you CAN achieve – BUT only IF YOUR WORKING ON THE RIGHT THINGS!

And to be working on the right things, you need to be clear about WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE…and what they are NOT.

To begin with, you need a robust:

  • STRATEGY (That’s WHAT you want to achieve – an objective or desired outcome with consideration of the resources that you have available or can acquire)
  • PLAN (That’s HOW you want to achieve it – the steps and actions you will take to achieve the strategy)

If you missed it, you can read my previous article here about Having an Effective Plan.

You must then have SYSTEMS and PROCESSES in place to ensure that everyone involved is doing the right things and that they are CONSISTENT.

When the things that you’re doing are the RIGHT THINGS…your desired outcome, your objective and ultimately your results and success will be much more PREDICTABLE and CERTAIN.

I’ve seen and continue to see Owners and Managers working on things (with all good intentions) that made/makes little difference to the success of their business and life. Over many years that I’ve studied the subject of SUCCESS, I’ve learned that the way to achieve what you want is to study the habits of successful people and invest in yourself (as they have) by learning all that you can on the subjects of business, marketing and personal development.

The world has never been more competitive than it is today. If you want to get ahead and enjoy a business and a life you deserve, you’ve got to know the right things to be working on to make it happen. The ONLY sure way to building a highly successful business and life (that others can only dream of) is by LEARNING what the right things are to be working on that make the greatest positive improvements.

Too many people believe the way to achieve success is through hard work, and while hard work is important and has its place, it’s even more important to have the right knowledge and know-how, so that you’re working smart…and on the right things!

Finding success isn’t as easy as just wishing for it. You do have to work and put the effort in, BUT Whether you’re working on the right things or the wrong things will determine your level of success (or struggle).

“To do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result, is the definition of insanity.”

Be prepared to learn something new every day because your knowledge, your mindset, your confidence and your belief in yourself all play a major role in the success you achieve.

It doesn’t so much matter whether you prefer to read a book, take a training course, attend a workshop, join a business group, invest in a business coach or follow Food Profits Membership, so long as you LEARN and get the right knowledge to ensure you’re WORKING ON THE RIGHT THINGS.

So, walk into your business today with an objective eye and ask yourself the question – Are we working on the right things?

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