Do Women Earn More Money than Men?

Do Women Earn More Money than Men?


Do Women Earn More Money than Men?

The headline has probably got you being passionate and vocal about your answer yes, and how you feel, would that be right?

But stay with me for a few minutes and let me explain my thinking.

Over the last few weeks I have been visiting lots of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants.

I spend at least one day every week doing this.

Today I have had a meeting with my brother and a business partner at the Copper Cafe in West Bridgford. I have to say the smoked salmon omelette was excellent, full marks to them.

I digress. Back to making my point…

I do this so I can make owners and managers aware of what we do and how we can help them.

It also serves to educate me continually as to what is happening in the world of British hospitality.

But something very interesting has caught my attention when I visit these food eateries week in and week out.

I am always looking at the sort of customers that go there.

And these are the facts…

80% of all people in the coffee shops, cafes and restaurants are Women.

About 20% of those eating and drinking in these establishments are Men.

This naturally got me thinking!

Because I see it time and again when I visit – approximately 80% women to 20% men.

In nearly all cases it will be a minimum of 2 ladies together, sometimes 3 or 4 together.

So it led me to ask the following questions…Having a coffee and chat

– Do women have more time than men?

– Do women go out to work as much as men?

– Do women have more disposable income than men?

– Do then, women earn more than men?


– Do they choose to spend their money in cafes; coffee shops and restaurants, where men prefer to spend theirs elsewhere?

Actually, is it that women are more socially engaging than men, and it’s a great way to catch up with their friends, have some nice food and a drink, and chat about what’s been happening?

I actually don’t know the answer…but I would love to know what you think?

What’s interesting is that if you are thinking about running a cafe, coffee shop or restaurant sometime in the future, it would be very sensible to target and make your product offering for women.

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