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The Food Profits Membership team believe in honesty and transparency and respectfully ask for the same in return from members. It's only when we work together on a sincere basis that our relationship remains strong and meaningful.

We ask that members DO NOT abuse our trust by sharing log-in details with anyone other than immediate and trustworthy colleagues working in the same business location. Please ensure that your log-in details are kept secure and not shared with non-members or anyone outside of the licenced business location. One licence is granted to access this site on the basis of one paid up membership.

We monitor IP addresses of computers, laptops, notepads, tablets and smartphones that access the site via this log-in page.

All rights are reserved by Food Profits membership to close a members account immediately and without notice to prevent further access if it is suspected that log-in access has been abused.

Thank you for your kind and trusted observance of this request.

The Food Profits membership Team

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