HELP for pubs – Don’t suffer in silence

HELP for pubs – Don’t suffer in silence


HELP for pubs – Don’t suffer in silence

There has been an increase in the number of pub owners and managers contacting me recently, reaching out for help and advice, which has prompted me to write this weeks blog dedicated to help those pubs that have NOT contacted me and maybe suffering in silence….

There’s a saying which always comes to mind when I read about problematic situations which is this…

“What you don’t know about can hurt you”

…and I believe this is sadly very apt for what’s been happening to pubs over recent years.

The reality is this – Many pubs have failed to ANTICIPATE the changes that have been forced upon them,and failed to ADAPT in time to hold onto their business. Sadly, they’ve failed to survive.

In fact, the most recent pub closure figures reported by the Morning Advertiser shows an increase in pub closures during 2014, up from 28 to 31 per week.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this increase but it’s fair to say that ultimately they have either impacted or failed to respond to “a change in customer behaviour” resulting in less people going to the pub and making survival harder for many landlords.

However, many pub landlords were encouraged last week when MPs voted 284 to 259 in favour of an amendment allowing landlords an independent rent review and to buy their beer on the open market, ending the 400 year old “beer tie.”

BUT, according to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) the changes will be “hugely damaging” to the industry and could result in 1,400 more pubs closing and 7,000 job losses.

Despite the doom and gloom, I know many pubs who are having their best year ever as a result of doing more of the “correct things” than the “incorrect things.”

As we both know, there is plenty of media coverage about the problems, but the more important question is…


You’ll remember a moment or two ago I quoted that “What you don’t know about can hurt you” but you should also be encouraged to know that

“When you know better, you do better”

To get you started and help move you away from the problem and to the solution, I’d like you watch this webinar recording I did a few months ago with Chris Wright from the Pub Advisory Service.

You will learn 5 Critical Activities for your Pub:

  1. Risk planning for your pub
  2. How to fix cashflow problems
  3. How to present a compelling food offering
  4. Effective stock handling
  5. The importance of your crucial hour of power

Do yourself a big favour and make the time to watch this webinar recording, because it might just be the thing to give you the answers to survival and profitable growth.


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TOP Tip – Always be willing to learn!

Having had the privilege of interviewing many successful business leaders, owners and managers, the one thing they all have in common is – An interest to LEARN about Business, Marketing and Personal Improvement.
It might be reading a book, attending a webinar, seminar, training course, workshop, being part of a group or mastermind or something similar. The point to note is that the key to success and profitability can be found in LEARNING and making CHANGE for the better.

“CHANGE can be scary but making the change yourself is far more in your interest than waiting for someone else to force change upon you”   ~ Food Profits

Warm wishes,


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