How to Develop Extraordinary Employees And Unleash Profitability!

 FINALLY - A One Day Workshop That Gives You Quick And Easy Steps To Develop "Extraordinary Employees"

Thursday 26th February 2015 (scroll down for full details)

Performance, Peace of Mind and Profitability...Guaranteed!

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Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.

Anne M. Mulcahy, former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation

Do any of these sound familiar?

Real-life comments by Owners and Managers...

  • I can’t trust them
  • He/she is lazy
  • They’re unreliable
  • They don’t turn up on time
  • No matter how many times I tell them, they still don’t do it properly
  • They don’t seem to care
  • There's NO enthusiasm
  • They don’t engage with the customers
  • It seems like they only come for the money
  • There’s days when they just don’t turn up
  • Today’s youngsters don’t seem to have any commitment
  • They’ll turn up one day and think they don’t need to come the next
  • They're inconsistent
  • I don’t feel I can take a day off without coming back to one problem or another

(Comments taken from conversations with Owners and Managers of Pubs, Restaurants, Cafés, Fast-food outlets, Event caterers and Hotels)

I would assume that you've most likely found yourself saying one or more of these yourself. Yes?

One Date Only for Nottingham in 2015!

Taking place in central Nottingham, it's for you if you' OWNER or MANAGER of a           PUB, RESTAURANT, CAFE, FAST-FOOD TAKEAWAY, EVENT CATERER or HOTEL.


2 Industry Experts will teach you exactly HOW to develop EXTRAordinary Employees, so that you can take time off from your business in the safe knowledge that you can trust them to look after it!

The dramatic changes affecting the economy, the diminishing amount of money in people's pockets, coupled with increasing competition, makes it even more necessary to have a highly productive team to impress customers enough that they want to come back and eat with YOU time and time again and NOT your competitors!

Business owners and managers are wasting a fortune in both time and money by having to firefight employee problems, and it has to be fixed once and for all.

This one-day workshop will give you the knowledge to transform your employee performance and ensure new customers become regular customers and regular customers become "advocates" who tell everyone they know that they must come and dine at YOUR business.

We've created this very special workshop so that you can finally have...Happy, Productive Employees...Increase Your Profitability and Free Up Your Time - all at the same time.

Why "EMPLOYEES" Require Your URGENT Attention

The Catering & Hospitality industry suffers from 7 Big Problems

STAFF (EMPLOYEE) Problems is one of them. In fact it's one of THE biggest problems that thousands of business owners and managers struggle with, and it fuels the other 6 problems:

  1. Lack of customers
  2. Cashflow and fear of bankcruptcy
  3. Costs too high
  4. Food wastage too high
  5. Not making enough money
  6. A serious lack of time

BUT when you eliminate Staff (Employee) problems, the other 6 begin to improve too.

Labour turnover is far too high!

Latest available research data for labour turnover

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.

Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation

People are eating out Less! you MUST ensure your employees give your customers a far better customer experience than your competitors will, if you want them to chose YOU

A Personal Message From Me...


MarcusIt’s Marcus here, Founder of Food Profits Membership in Nottingham, the Business and Marketing Training Company specifically for Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes, and former head of sales for Knorr, Twinings and Tetley.

I have a question for you - Are you struggling with employee problems?

You’re not alone - It's one of our industry's Top 7 Problems and even more specifically, usually takes position 1 or 2 in surveys.

Thousands of businesses just like you, continue to struggle with employee problems that never seem to go away and which are dragging down potential profitability and general happiness in the workplace.

Most people WON'T do it, and that's Why YOU Should...

It's a statistical fact that only 3% of people (3 in every 100) will commit to educate themselves for personal or business advancement, whether that is to read a book, attend a workshop or purchase an online course.

WHY? - Simply because we as humans are "lazy when we're comfortable." 97% of people employed in our industry will opt for easy. They will invariably do more of what they have always done, but somehow expect to get a better result. However, the fact is that "if you want a better result, you have to take a better action".

That all starts with investing in yourself and your business by...LEARNING what to do first, to take that better action that leads to the better result.

The question is - Are you part of the 3% or the 97%?


YOU can be like Jason and others like him!

When business owners like Jason discovered the 3 Secrets to what REALLY motivates employees (which very few know or use) he no longer has to worry about employee problems. He's got a happier, more productive and more profitable business because of what he learned and what he implemented.

To discover exactly how he did this and how YOU can too, join us for a high-value one-day workshop where you’ll learn everything you need to know from 2 industry experts.

Warmest wishes,


Learn from 2 Industry Experts

Marcus Kilvington

Founder of Food Profits Membership. Former Head of Sales, Knorr, Hellmanns and Twinings

Adrian Brown

The Hospitality Expert & Founder of

Here's what you'll experience on this one-day workshop...

You will learn:

  • HOW to ONLY recruit extraordinary employees
  • HOW to get your current employees to extraordinary performance.

  • WHAT it takes to lead an extraordinary team
  • HOW to identify the skills that extraordinary teams need..

  • HOW to ignite your employees to extraordinary engagement
  • ...and much, much more..

Questions Answered

You're in for a packed but enjoyable day of massive value. We will ensure that you leave at the end of the day with a clear and focused plan of actionable steps to enable you to transform your employee performance to new heights of growth and profitability.

There will be an opportunity to get questions answered before you leave at the end of the day and you can have access to the speakers after the workshop by email if you require further follow-up help.

What's Your Investment?

It would normally cost upwards of £550 per day for a one-day consultation with these experts individually. But, it's super important that you get this information and we don't want price to be a barrier. On this day, you get BOTH for...


 Just £97.00

Numbers are limited to 30 attendees. Don't Miss Out

This is a very powerful programme and we have to limit the numbers to give you personal support and to answer your questions.

There are only 30 seats available for this one-day workshop and it's expected to get booked up very quickly so to avoid disappointment and ensure you secure your place, I recommend that you BOOK TODAY.

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What’s Your Alternative?

reminder_finger_string_800_clr_3209If you don’t act...Nothing Changes

Don't continue to struggle...get the information you need now, before it's too late. The economic depression that's forecast to hit sometime during 2015 will only Make things Worse!

YOU Deserve Better!

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Warm wishes,


"You must either modify your dreams or Magnify your Skills"

Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur, Author, Business and Personal Development Coach

Full details below...

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Joining Instructions:


Date: Thursday 26th February 2015

Time: 09:00 to 17:30

(Includes teas and coffees but not lunch)

Venue: Jury's Inn, Nottingham



Contact: Marcus Kilvington


Telephone: 07977 126997

FULL Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will benefit massively from the information that we share with you on this one-day workshop BUT if you are not entirely satisfied after the morning’s session, we will refund you 100% of the ticket price. All you need do is let one of the event team know and they will arrange the refund for you.


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