How to Increase Profit in a Pub Restaurant

How to Increase Profit in a Pub Restaurant


Discover HOW to quickly and easily increase your Pub Restaurant Profits in just a 51 minute video. (£500 value)

(Includes bonus “cheat sheet” with Tom Kerridge’s Top 12 Tips for Pub restaurant success)

In this video…Marcus Kilvington, Founder of Food Profits Membership and Dan Cramp, General Manager of the Larwood and Voce, Moleface Pub Group in Nottingham UK, discuss the exact profit strategies that Dan uses in his business…and which YOU CAN COPY to get similar results 🙂

Dan won runner-up for ‘Manager of the Year’ 2014 in the Budweiser sponsored Top50Gastopubs awards. (Tom Kerridge’s two-Michelin starred the Hand and Flowers was overall winner top gastropub in the UK)

Armed with the information contained in this video, you’ll have the know-how to add an extra £100 to £500 profit to your weekly bottom line.

Here’s what you get:

VIDEO which gives you the exact profit strategies that you can copy (51 minutes)

Cheat sheet #1 – Dan Cramp’s 5 Top Tips for Pub Success

Cheat sheet #2 – Tom Kerridge’s Top 12 Ingredients for Success

Here’s what the video training covers:
1) How to overcome food wastage and loss
2) How to have an effective product offering
3) Upsells with drinks to match food
4) How to give your customers a “Wow” experience that gets them to come back
5) The benefits of using local suppliers
6) How to differentiate yourself from other pubs
and much, much more
Bonus #1 – Dan’s Top 5 Profit Tips (cheat sheet)
Bonus #2 – Tom Kerridge’s 12 Ingredients for Success (cheat sheet)

We don’t know your individual business situation, but if this helps you to make just an extra £100 profit per week, wouldn’t it still be worth it?

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WHY would we let you choose your own price?

Here’s why…

🙁 29 pubs close every week (Morning Advertiser 23rd January 2015)
🙁 11.4% decline in customer traffic for traditional restaurants (The Caterer report , September 2014)

We want to help reverse this trend and give you the tools to sustain and grow your business…for yourself, your employees and your customers. We don’t want price to be a barrier to you learning what you need to know in order for you to achieve a greater level of success and profitability.

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The value you will get from this training might just be the thing to help transform your profits…but you are free to accept or refuse it.

Wishing you increased levels of success! (and profitability)


Marcus & Dan

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