Positively Progressing or Falling Behind?

Positively Progressing or Falling Behind?


Do you feel your Pub Restaurant is POSITIVELY PROGRESSING or falling behind?
…it’s one or the other – Can’t be both!

On Monday just gone, I was on a call with a very smart food industry colleague, talking about a subject that’s dear to both our hearts and it’s one that keeps cropping up in so many conversations we have with Pub Restaurant Owners and Managers lately.
The “very smart” guy’s name is Tony, and we met for the first back in February at a Pub Roadshow in Leeds.

We hit it off straight away. He’s one of those people you meet just occasionally that you take to immediately. You know, there’s something DIFFERENT about them. They’re on your wave-length and have ideas and thinking similar to yourself.

Well, the subject we were talking about was a question we both get asked all too often, which is…

“How can I compete in the increasingly competitive Eating Out Marketplace?”

It’s a very reasonable question to ask. It’s true, there IS a lot of competition out there for you to deal with.
And to put fat on the flames, research firm Allegra Food Services reports that 2015 will see a further 2.9% growth causing (to quote) a ‘turbulent, tricky and tremendous’ year.

So if it’s already hurting, you need to act quickly to fix it while you have time.

That said, there are 2 sides to this PROBLEM. Let me explain…

1) Pub Restaurants that are – struggling to keep their head above the water
2) Pub Restaurants that are – Riding the waves!

(Sorry about the “water” metaphor. It’s me getting excited with thoughts of water skiing this coming weekend)

I digress. The point I want to make is this:

Despite the competition, despite the economy, despite ANY of the problems and challenges facing Pub Restaurants like yours, there ARE those that continue to remain full of customers each lunchtime and evening, with what appears to be little effort but BIG profits.

And there is a REASON for that, and a simple solution which Tony and I were discussing in some depth.
It’s a simple solution, but does take someone who is committed to put in a little time to learn what to do and then do what they’ve learned to do to fix it once and for all.
All it takes is KNOW HOW. But of course, that’s like anything isn’t it. As the saying goes “when you know better, you do better”

So, wishing to always serve you value and insights…


My friend Tony and I would like to share with you on a FREE one-hour training webinar, WHAT that reason is and more importantly, WHAT you can do about it so that YOU CAN PROFITABLY COMPETE with this increasingly competitive eating-out marketplace and have a more enjoyable business again.

If this is something that resonates with you and you want to register for the FREE training or at least want to learn more about it, CLICK HERE to take a look.

More facts:

In September 2014, the Ernst and Young Restaurant & Casual Dining Insights Report detailed how the eating out landscape has been, and is continuing to change, with a massive 11.4% decline for “traditional” venues.

11.4% Decline (Ernst Young Report)

11.4% Decline (Ernst Young Report)

In February 2015, Big Hospitality reported on the Allegra findings, stating that the average spend per visit (for eating out) dropped 13% which was accounted for by “promotional offers” (you can take that primarily as discounting) to attract customers.

Driving down prices so everyone become busy fools and eventually go bust is NOT a strategy I advocate. I’ll write about a much better strategy for that problem another time.

It was also, documented that “The value operators will continue doing well. Wetherspoon’s is a great example of this. Forget what the city says about margin. They are delivering great value and customers are flocking to them”

The point to make here is that YOUR business model is NOT their business model and if you try to compete head-to-head, you’re likely to run out of cash (and a business) before they do, so beware!

Big Hospitality continued by saying “But at the same time you have operators flourishing at the other end of the spectrum where customers have no problem with paying £50 for lunch. It’s the operators caught in the middle that have the problem”

Read that last bit againIt’s the operators caught in the middle that have the problem!”

Does this include YOU?

Are YOU one of those “caught in the middle?”

Don’t be the one to miss out!

…join Tony, myself and other Pub Restaurant Owners and Managers on this FREE one-hour training webinar to learn WHAT you need to KNOW about and WHAT you can do to become one of those highly profitable Pub Restaurants and enjoy your business again.

To your success!

Marcus and Tony

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