Sex & Drugs & “Economic Growth”

Sex & Drugs & “Economic Growth”


Sex & Drugs & Economic growth

Hey it’s Marcus here.

I’m stunned!

Call me a cynic if you like, BUT…I nearly choked on my bacon roll when I heard on the radio this week that the UK economy has grown by 0.8% in the second quarter of 2014.

Who is feeling the improvement I ask?

Most of the people I speak to are NOT feeling it. They have more stories to tell of struggle, consumer prices going up and wages either frozen or cut back. So who’s benefiting from the 0.8%?

Along with all major newspapers, Business week reported that “The U.K. has completely recovered the output lost during the financial crisis and is on track to be the best-performing Group of Seven economy this year” read it here>>>

Well, I also read where 7% of it maybe coming from!

Again, call me a cynic but only a month before, the Office for National Statistics declared that the British Government is now including prostitution and illegal drug sales in it’s official GDP statistics. read it here>>>

AND at the same time, the Sunday Times writes that the “Banks are on the rack as the Serious Fraud Squad launches a probe into currency trading” so it looks like more bad news to come from the Financial markets yet again. read the full details>>>

So, what are we to make of it. Just another illusion to keep the feel-good factor artificially inflated I would suggest.

Most importantly – What does your gut instinct tell you?

Until next time, don’t let it bring you down. Focus on being the VERY best that you can be…for your customers, your employees, your family…and yourself!


Warm wishes,