State of the Nation 2015 (Pubs)

Some say it’s been a GOOD year, some say it’s been a BAD year, some say it’s been a F*#&%!g awful year, and then there’s some that say…

it’s been their BEST YEAR EVER!

HOW can one pub go bust at the same time as another pub has it’s best year ever?

You might say it’s because…your rent’s too high…the beer’s too expensive to buy in…there’s too much competition…your staff/employees haven’t performed well, or any one of the 7 biggest reasons for struggling pubs.

What is even more important than the problem itself is what you can do about it. Click on the video below to take the lessons from 2015 and get the answers that can guarantee you a more profitable future. Make 2016 YOUR most profitable year ever!


“I can’t change the direction &  force of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination” ~ Jimmy Dean
“The state of the nation 2015” report for pubs (UK) is published by industry experts from Food Profits Membership and Pro-Position.It details unique industry research data and insights with references to the challenges and trends of 2015, along with suggested actions to ensure you have a more profitable Pub business in 2016.

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If you are experiencing a difficult situation in your business that you would like help or advice with, or if you are performing relatively well but want help getting to the next level of success and profitability, please email (Marcus Kilvington, Founder of the catering and hospitality business coaching site with your name and contact telephone number and he will respond to your request.

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