WHY 80% of People DON’T Buy My Products or Services

WHY 80% of People DON’T Buy My Products or Services


Here’s WHY 80% of people DON’T buy my products and services…

…and don’t buy YOURS either.

BUT, thats ok!

Read on, and I’ll explain how this relates to your business and how to benefit from it.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you’ll know I won’t make things sound better than they really are. (and you shouldn’t either)

Honesty is the best policy in EVERYTHING we do.

As the saying goes, “An ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie”

So, you should know that 80% of people (business owners and managers) DON’T buy my products, programs or services.

This is despite the incredible value, quality and the fact that the information and training I provide, can transform their business and life by fixing their problems, boosting their profitability and overcome worry and stress.

so WHY, when their business and life could be transformed for the better don’t they want to buy?…especially when a similar 80% of owners and managers tell me they have problems that they WISH they could fix.

Answer – They are “NOT DISSATISFIED ENOUGH” with their results.

Stay with me on this as you’ll learn how this relates to YOUR business in just a moment.

I’m in the business of fixing problems and boosting profitability. Providing the training, coaching and support to help owners and managers move their business from where it is now to where they want it to be.

That involves CHANGE.

To CHANGE a situation, you firstly need to be DISSATISFIED. Not just mildly dissatisfied but “seriously” dissatisfied. You then need to have a VISION for what you WANT to achieve.

NOW, here’s the thing that separates the 80% (that DON’T buy my stuff) from the 20% that DO…

>>>Our DESIRE to achieve our vision must be GREATER than the RESISTANCE to change<<<

And that’s where it ends – The 80% don’t want the change. They don’t want to ask for help as that suggests a weakness. (which it’s not. It’s actually a strength) They don’t have the desire to learn something new. To educate themselves with good business and marketing information.

They want to continue to do what they’ve always done BUT somehow get better results from doing it. Unfortunately, that’s delusion.

Here’s the important point – They DON’T WANT it ENOUGH to make the purchase.

It’s ironic…the 80% who complain about the problems they have in their business, and WISH for things to be better (who NEED my products and programs) are the 80% that DON’T buy.

This actually reflects the Pareto 80/20 Principle. You can read about it here.

So, now let us turn our attention to WHY a similar 80% of people are NOT buying YOU and Your business and more importantly, WHAT you can do about it…

Firstly, you need to understand this principle.

“People either want to “avoid pain” or “acquire pleasure”

(The people who DO buy my products, programs and services are those that “WANT it enough” to avoid any more pain (problems) and those that “WANT it enough” to acquire more pleasure (to become even better and better at what they do)

When a customer chooses to eat out at your pub, restaurant or cafe, they primarily want to EXPERIENCE PLEASURE.

They want to enjoy a meal, a drink, to socialise…to make them feel BETTER.


What determines whether they are your 80% that don’t buy or your 20% that will, is determined by the same criteria as my own business which I explained above – whether they WANT what you offer.

And whether they WANT what you offer is determined by whether they see the VALUE in what you offer.

And similar to my business again, your potential customers will “want to avoid pain and acquire pleasure.”

Allow me to put this into context with an example:

Let’s say a potential customer considers visiting you to eat for the first time, but in advance visits the Scores on the Doors website to look at your star rating and finds you are anything less than a 5. Their choice of venue will be influenced by the wish to “avoid pain” (will the meal will be ok or not) and they may not decide to visit you after all.

Conversely, if they’ve heard or read good feedback about your venue, then they could be motivated to visit you as a desire to “acquire pleasure” with a positive expectancy.

How you can use what you learn here…

Your “ideal” buyers (target market) represent YOUR 20%, Those that WANT what you offer. It’s your job to attract THEM and not the other 80%.

The law of attraction states that “You attract what you give out” so ensure that your premises, your products, your service, your offers, your prices, your attitudes, your behaviours, your language (and those of your employees) are congruent with WHAT your “ideal” 20% buyers WANT and you will not be short of customers again.

If you’re not sure WHAT your ideal 20% buyers want, then carry out some research by asking them what they want and adjust your products, service and offers to match.

If YOU want to avoid pain or acquire pleasure for your business, you may WANT to download your copy of a report we published recently.

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And until next time – be the very best you can be for your customers, for your employees and for yourself!

Warm wishes,